Thursday, September 11, 2008

I got... moved¿

Ah, it's true!

So changes are in, and I got moved! After only 6 weeks in Sindempart, Coquimbo, I'm now about an hour south in the city of:
¡Ovalle! Sector Ovalle Norte
[Oh vaszh yae]
This is pretty exciting. My first companion (Elder Mendez) always talked about Ovalle, and now here I am! It's pretty much the most tranquil zone in the mission. It's a very, very small town with farms everywhere (everythings green right now from all the rain! yeah!). The sector itself doesn't have any farms, but it does have a lot of old people. There's probably 2 families where the parents are younger than 70. It's also got a lot of less actives, so there's lots of work to be done. My new companion is Elder Remy. Elder Remy is from Utah somewhere, he moves around a lot, but his parents are now living in Ogden. He was going to BYU before the mission. He's been in this sector for about 5 months, so he knows everyone and everything pretty well. We'll, here's a story that I'm sure you can all relate to (or at least those of you who are in California right now).

My second day here, we decided to go visit someone who was just about ready for baptism. There's just one problem: He's 92 years old and has severe short term memory loss. His wife got baptized recently, and is a pretty solid convert. (before we go any further, on our way to their house, we had to pass by a pack of dogs, one of which managed to get my left leg =[. Luckily it did not break the skin, but my pants got ripped.) So after 3 days of teaching him, (Mañuel, he calls himself), it became evident that he was not having any sort of progression. This last Sunday was a fast Sunday. We decided to do a fast for his memory, which went pretty well, and here's why: Yesterday, when we went back to go teach him, we decided to do a test to see how long he could remember that he needed to be baptized. We waited 15 minutes, all the while talking about other random things from his childhood, which he remembers just fine. After the 15 minutes were up, we asked him if he was ready for his baptism. He got kind of angry that we hadn't talked to him about it before. My comp got kind of frustrated, as He had been hearing stuff like that from Mañuel for about 3 months now. He then asked me what he thought we should do. I said a silent prayer asking for guidance, and recieved a very distinct answer that told me that he did not need to be baptized at this time, for he did not meet the requirements for baptism as given in D&C 20:37. Well, we left, down one investigator, but it felt so good that we had listened to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.
Well, that about does it for the week. There's tons of work to be done out there and I need to go get a jump start on it. Chao pescao*

Here's some pics of the week (in Sindempart):
1 - The zone! We all got together for a last hurrah!
2 - Rolando, Tiare, and Me. We worked with Rolando, who's the investigator. His wife, Tiare, recently reactivated herself.
3 - La Familia Olea Diaz - A complete family of investigators! They have everything taught to em, just need to get their hiney(s) to church.

The Hazz

So this was a regular on the dinner table. It's called the Hazz (yeah, i know, in Spanish it sounds like a bad word, but it's not, OK!). Here's what you do:

1) Chop up some steak real thin, we use this kind of meat called Churrasco meat, it comes in a packet already chopped up, but it needs to be real thin, and about the size of a quarter.

2) Fry said steak in a frying pan (without oil). Feel free to add such seasonings as: salt, pepper, or lemon juice.

3) Chop up an Avocado (palta) like you'd make guacamole (also called palta), but only add salt to the smashed mixture.

4) Dice a tomato. If you're chilean, add olive oil to the diced up tomatos. Also skin them (if you're chilean). Personally I like em just diced.

5) Toast a Hotdog bun.

Aiight, here's the order of the stack: 1-Toasted Hotdogbun, 2 - tomatos, 3 - palta, 4 - Mayonayse, mustard, ketchup, and Hotsauce (Ají).

When eating, you shouldnt be able to bite through it all in one swoop. Normally Take a bite from the top, then a bite from the bottom.

*****Completos are the exact same thing, except you use Hotdogs instead of Steak.