Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nuestra Patria

The Smell of Burnt Meat is thick in the air.
The 18th was a blast. We went from house to house to talk to people, and each time we went in, they gave us some sort of grilled meat, empanada, or this awesome drink called Mote con Huesillos (it's like dehydrated Peaches they rehydrate in a sweet juice, with lots of oats). It was delicious. We had a huge lunch, which rendered me unconscious for a few minutes after eating. We had some special rules this day though. We were to be in the pention an hour earlier, (or an hour later if we had a member with a car to drive us home). We chose the second option. But dang, what a day. I didn't manage to get any pictures of the Cueca, but there's always a tomorrow.

As for teaching, everyone and everything leaves Ovalle for the 18th, so not too much went down. Up in Coquimbo (my last sector), they have a party for 3 weeks, which is where the majority of Chile goes. We're expecting the steady flow of investigators this week sometime around wednesday. We're working very closely with the Branch President these days. He's a young guy, with 3 kids. We're teaching one of his nephews. I don't seem to understand it though... Everyone says I'm an Elder with lots of patience for kids. Where did that come from? Weird. Well, Take care family, be nice, supértense bien, read your scriptures, and have your pets spayed, or neutered.
Ovalle - This is Ovalle. It's the Zone Leader sector, but that's Ovalle. Our sector looks about the same, but without the huge Plaza and various shops/stores.

Chat the Chirimoya? - This is a Chirimoya. I don't know if any of the brothers ever had any of these on their mission, but they're pretty delicious. They're white on the inside with big brown seeds.

Alien Egg - A close up of the texture of the chirimoya. I'll get ya'll one of me eating it later, as I cut this one open right away and it wasn't ripe yet. I bought another one today, so we'll see how it turns out. I've had em before though, they're real real real real sugary. I dig the Chirimoya flavored Milk and Yogurt though.
Asada - This was my lunch on the 18th. ¡Cualquier Carne!
Go Diego! - This is Diego. He's a funny little kid. As they say around here, él pinta monos. As is to say, he paints monkeys. Duh. Hah, nah, it just means he likes attention.

Sat down to meat - This is what I REALLY ate. As you can see, I'm pretty sad. My comp was pretty happy though. Pap soda = delicious. They need more Papaya flavored Soda in the states.


Brooke and Tami said...

Man O Man, that meat looks delicious! I'm salivating! Miss you Elder Mattyhew!

Amber said...

What a weird fruit!
I really miss you uncle Matt!
Love, Brin