Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's happening again!


So I seem to be finding myself in this situation a lot. Almost immediately after a streak of success, the investigators run out. Blah. I suppose there's a principle to learn in all of this, but not one that you can necessarily apply in the mission. In times of plenty, prepare for the famine. Well, in the mission you can't really prepare for a lack of investigators, as you are constantly looking for new investigators. Well, we're taking desperate measures once more. We're starting up English Class, and planning ward activities once more. Desperate measures indeed. Well, Preach my Gospel says that they're good means of finding new investigators so we'll leave it up to the Lord. Methinks we should have longer lasting converts this time. They're all signed up for Seminary and are Súper excited to go to church. Maybe recent converts would be a good source of references... So my homework for you all (especially those who served missions) is: What are some good ways to find new investigators?


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