Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Turning of the Wheel...

Just about ready to hit up another Change.

So Changes are here, and I'm not sure what's going to be going down. I'm sure I'll get a new companion, as he's been in this sector for about 6 months. But who knows... I know some Elders who've been in one place for 9.

But enough about that! This week was sweet! We had interviews and Zone Conference (with 3 zones), and I got to see tons of old friends and learn lots of new things. We did a pretty slick practice of teaching people about the Book of Mormon in under 3 minutes, and at the end, President Wilhelm (The Mission President) called on three companionships to teach the APs and Him (2 on 1 - the companionship and 1 of those three) and he called on Elder Remy and me. We had the pleasure of teaching an AP in front of the zones, and what was pretty neat, I didn't feel too nervous. The AP was playing the part of an Investigator who had the attention span of a chipmunk, and believed everything we said right away. We had to dig out a hidden doubt or something like that, and teach the Book of Mormon (in 3 minutes, as previously stated... we were timed). We had to kind of verbally slap the kid to pay attention, and tell him to pray to know specifically if the book is true.

As for working, there's a lot of madness going on, which I won't get in to 100% until more details unfold, but I'll give you the start of it. Last week, between the morning and afternoon sessions of conference, a kid came to the gates of the church barely able to walk due to alcohol consumption. He introduced himself as Genesis (and showed us his ID card to prove it was his name. He's 21 years old), and told us that he wanted to stop drinking. We told him that we'd come over Tuesday, which we did. He was a completely different person Sober, completely aware of his addiction, told us that he wants to stop drinking. We taught a little bit about the restoration, and all about the Word of Wisdom. He promised to stop drinking. We then passed by every day for about 5 minutes to talk to him to see how he's doing. However, come the weekend, we could not come into contact with him, so we left some notes of encouragement. He had a bit of a relapse on Sunday, it turned out, with details that I won't go into for they are rather personal on his part, but we promised him that we would do everything to help him get over his weakness. We had a sincere prayer with him and his uncle, and we're going to develop a stronger plan to help him overcome.

Well, that should just about do it. If anyone has any sort of experience on helping others overcome alcoholism, I'd love to hear it, for I'm just kind of running on what Preach my Gospel tells me (which is not that bad, by the way). So far we've identified some of the sources of his inspiration to drink, but as to how to approach the matter or what routes to take I'm not 100%.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated, thank you.


Aiight here we go:

Homies form the MTC - Pretty self explanatory. That's all of us that came to the mission from the MTC (Elder Ehlder is MIA somewhere down south). From left to right that's Elder Daniels, Elder Horspool, Elder Christiansen, and Elder Campbell.

Kohler and I - Kohler goes home this Wednesday. Go get em Tiger!

Us 3 - That's Elder Kohler, Elder Page, and Me. Page is in my zone, and a pretty awesome Elder.

Hard at Work - Personal Study at the pension! A Kodak moment if ever there was one. We love you, Elder Remy!

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