Wednesday, October 29, 2008

¡Se Quedan!

Se Quedan - its plural?!
Yeehaw! We both get to stay here. Elder Remy and I are staying here in Ovalle for another 6 weeks (well 5 now)! We're both pretty stoked. Elder Remy especially, as he will be going on 7 months in the same sector. Well, he's excited about some aspects - Working with the members, yes - Knocking the same doors for the 5th time, no. But all in all, life is good.
The work was a little, different, this week. We did lots of service projects. We always ask people, in any situation, if theres anything we can do to help them. Always. And usually, they just say no. But not this week! This week we painted the interior of a house, we took the wallpaper off of another, we helped a sweet little old lady make soup, and so on. And on top of that, there was a district activity in our building. All of the branches came together and had dances, food, and cultural displays from various countried from south and central america. While we didn't actively participate in the merriment, we had the awesome duty of bringing new people to the activty, which we with with gusto. I highly enjoyed it.
As for Génesis, we're not 100% sure what's going on with him... he seems to have fled to his mothers house this last week, which is OK with me as long as he's not around them Patos Malos and other evil influences. But the work is continuing quite nicely, and having people progress is pretty sweet. Each day I'm going to bed highly exhausted from the days activities, and each morning I somehow have enough strenght to go do it all over again. Thanks for your prayers everyone, keep up the good work on the homefront, Happy happy birthday Pa.

Josefa e Ignacio - These are my substitute Niece and Nephew. Josefa is 3 and Ignacio recently hit his first birthday. They're the kids of the Branch President. He has 1 more daughter of 9 years old, named Javiera.

Viva Mexico - Our branch got to represent Mexico in the activity. They didn't do too bad a job with the costumes!

La Rama - On the left we have Hmo. Gonzales, the Elders Quroum President, then Alejandra and President Barraza, the branch president, then Hma. Sandra from the Primary and her lil' helper whose name escapes me.

These two pictures are how the chileans interpreted the mexican Tortilla. More like funny tasting bread... They then tried to do Burritos and Tacos using Pancakes in place of the Taco shell. Also very hilarious, and tasty!

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