Monday, December 22, 2008

¡Feliz Navidad!

Fun in the Sun

Hey family! So, 'bout that letter last week... I was kinda in a hissy fitty mood for no particular reason and didn't feel like writing too much. Had a lot of stuff going on that week. Been real busy with stuffs this whole month.
This week we had some really spiffy things go down. First, we had Zone Conference Thursday, up in La Serena, again. Pres. Wilhelm gave us all a shirt of the mission. It's pretty awesome. Second, we had our Christmas activities on Friday, which included: Singing/Caroling for Orphans and abandoned children. It was pretty awesome. We had a very eccentric Peruvian named Elder Landa give a child-friendly presentation. He's pretty much the spitting image of an elf. Then we had the District President dress up like Santa, or el Viajito Pascuero, as they call him here. All the children have to sing a song to get a present, that goes like this, "Viajito Pascuero, acuérdate de mí. Me porto bien en casa, también en el jardin. Wii!" And that's it. Over and over again. Fun fun. Second holiday flavored activity, we all went down to Ovalle Centro, and had some fun public preaching. We all put on santa hats and sang our carols, and in between each carol a Spiritual Thought. We had six elders running in and around the crowds passing out cards, pamphlets, and invitations to church. The district helped out too. We had microphones, piano, and saxophone. All in all, it was a huge success, and I even learned how to sing harmony. After all that, we had District Conference, and President Wilhelm, La Hermana, and a 70 came. I think his name was Elder Rubio, or something to that effect. He's from Santiago, Chile. Goodness gracious. Well, that's a brief outline of what the week was like, in minor detail.
So, about this Christmas. I'll be calling the mother in about 20 minutes, or whenever I can find a place to do an international call, to coordinate the call and everything. But just so y'all know, I can only talk for 5 minutes to the Mother the first time, and 30 minutes on christmas day. They gave us the instructions to talk for only 20 minutes, but we can talk for 30 if we keep our talkings about the Mission Work. Well, that should be it. Be good kids, stay safe, and have your pets spayed, or neutered.


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