Thursday, December 11, 2008


Enter New Challenger!

It's pretty awesome how the Lord keeps you on your toes. This week was another one of those slow weeks, with hardly any doors opening, and no one letting us in their house. Contacts (When we knock doors) really seems to not be my style, or at least, not effective when I seem to do them. But the Lord blesses us for our obedience and diligence. This week we recently got in contact with a man who was in the "Antiguo Investigador" sector of the Area Book. Alex has had every lesson taught to him, several times. He knows the doctrine inside and out. However, because of several events that occurred throughout his life, he has not been able to become baptized. Let me point out some of the impressive sequence of events:

Alex got married 15 years ago to a woman name Gloria.

They got divorced after 12 years of marriage because he quit his Job.

Alex quit his job as a Lawyer because he saw that the system was terribly corrupt. He decided to sacrifice a job that payed very, very well for his morals.

Alex finds a job working for a mining company, but he decided to quit because his employers were asking him to exploit the other workers.

Alex gets back together with Gloria (3 years ago).

Alex comes in contact with the missionaries (1 year ago) and accepts the Church, but couldn't get baptized because he's not legally married with his ex-wife.

Alex finds a job that sends him away from his house for 14 days at a time and gives him 2 days of rest at his house. (6 months ago)

Very interesting story. It would appear to me that because of his morals and good decisions in life, he was prepared to receive the Restored Gospel, however, Satan decided to throw a monkey wrench in the middle of everything and make his wife into a girlfriend. But Alex is an extremely faithful man. After talking with him a little bit, we decided to put the goal of being married before April of 2009. He accepted the date, and decided to make whatever change in his life to be baptized in April. I was highly impressed. Seems to me that most people I know and meet once they meet an obstacle they immediately give up, abandoning all. It's nice to meet a fighter.
All in all, I'm feeling pretty good about working these days. Thanks for the prayers and all that, I'm feeling light hearted and carefree. Except that last part. There's souls to save out there!

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