Monday, January 12, 2009

Casi la mitad !

It's Germain?

So, I got moved. Again. I'm now in:

Villa Norte Ward, Villa Alemana Oeste Stake
Villa Alemana, Valparaíso V Región

I'm back in the south! What fun! I've made a complete circle/tour of the mission. It's pretty neat. I've gotten to know most parts of the mission, something that most missionaries don't get to do. This new sector is quite a shock from the last three. It's got huge, huge houses. And everyone has pools, I'm kind of freaking out. We live in a 3 story apartment building, just the two of us. My companion is Elder Wallentine, from Logan, Utah. Hey! Here's some random small world story. I'm in the same room as Aaron Adams right now. We just happened to be in the same Cyber. Fun stuff. He's in a different Zone though, Just plain ol' Villa Alemana. There's a lot of people who speak English here. A lot of Germans too (go figure...). There's a recently released 70 as well, Sepúlveda is his last name. I'm not sure what quorum he was from. Anywho, there's a ton of work to be done, I'm going to be even busier, but that's good. I'm looking forward to all the work, finding lots of people, and going swimming. Be safe, study hard, and write me.


PS: I just ran into an Elder Wells, from Payson Utah. He says he knows Dixon Meat and all that, and has a buddy who works there. It's a small world after all!

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