Monday, February 23, 2009

2 Californians¿

I got a new comp!
Elder Sebreros - Murrieta, CA

Hah, he's from right around the corner. How fun. This is his first time in Chile, so everyone be nice to him. He doesn't speak a whole lot of Spanish, almost nothing, but that will change real quick here. I'm still in the same Area, in Villa Norte of Villa Alemana Oeste. Qué fun.

This week went by all right. We got new investigators from a recent convert who wants her friend and little sister to get to know the gospel as well. The Pérez family, the people who I've written to all yalls about before, are kind of at a brick wall. They just have to come to church! Those bums. Satan builds up habits in good people outside the church of breaking the commandments, such as drinking Tea or Coffee, and sleeping in on Sunday. People who wake up at 6 O'Clock every day find it insanely hard to get outside of the house at 9:30 Sunday Morning. But I suppose that's why we're there, to break the chains of false liberty and set people free by helping them keep the commandments. Other than that, life is good, calm, and exhausting. Elder Sebreros was like a professional body builder or something before the mission, and he's got me on a protein diet and a workout program. We'll see where this goes.

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