Monday, February 9, 2009

¡Nada que ver!

The story continues!

So here's how it went down...:

So the family we're teaching right now just had this little run in with the devil. It started off with a few weeks ago when they ran into a couple of "Ex-Missionaries" who had some "list of 6,000 errors" in the Book of Mormon. I heard her explain her doubt, then showed her the Scripture in Mormon 9 where Mormon talks about not condemning him because of his imperfection, and we invite her to pray to know if it's true. Satisfies her for the moment. Then, last week (on the 31st of January) there was a mother(investigator) and a daughter(recent convert) who had a dream... A nightmare really. There was a whole bunch of chaos and madness going on, and in the midst of all this, they heard a word, "Anatema" which being translated is to say, "Anathema," or "Curse." Both of them had the same dream, yeah¿? So they wake up, tell each other about their dream, and start freaking out because they don't know what Anatema ment. So they look it up in a dictionary, and start getting even more scared. For some reason, the mother thought it response to her prayers about the church, especially to know if Joseph Smith is a prophet and if the Book of Mormon is true. So in response to that, they start to do some research. On the Internet. As we all know, the Internet isn't the most reliable source of information in the world. She was unaware of this, and comes across a Spanish Anti-Mormon website. When we got to their house on Sunday Night (the 1st of Feb), Barbara, the daughter and recent convert, was at the point of tears and saying that she was just so confused because she felt good about the church when she was there, but when she read all those terrible things, she couldn't believe it was true. Edith, the mom, just kept listing off all these doubts with absolutely no back-up. Mostly about atrocities that Jo-Smith supposedly did. She was pretty firm that that was her answer to her prayer. So that's when we got to work. We explained to her that there was absolutely no way that the Spirit of God, of the God of Love, of Peace, of Happiness, of Order, of Truth could possibly give her an answer like that. God is not a God of confusion, nor hatred, nor doubt. We read to her the fruits of the spirit, how God loves us, and won't punish us for doing what's right nor asking questions to him. We shared testimonies. However, after all that, she wasn't convinced. She was telling us to go look up this website and make sure that we were in the correct before we continued being missionaries, or even worse, passed on the restored gospel to others or our posterity. Barbara was pretty silent throughout the whole thing. Just when we were about to leave and pretty much say goodbye, for I felt that we were out of options, the Spirit gave me a suggestion. "Barbara, would you like a blessing of comfort?" I ask her. She looks at me, and says she would. "Do you believe that we can do it?" She says that she does. And Elder Wallentine and I gave her a simple, yet powerful blessing of comfort. We said our goodbyes, and started a fast. Probably one of the more intense periods of prayer I've had in a while. I spend the greater part of the next monday (last week) studying about the Spirit and how it communicates to us, and we prepare an awesome lesson. When we got to their house, after district class, we realized that there was absolutely no need for a thorough lesson. The Spirit had already taught them all that we were going to say. When we got there, they were happy, they were cheerful, and they were ready to hear the gospel. I was confused as all get-out; so was my comp. They even invited their relatives over to come listen to us. Later on, Edith told us that when she saw us put our hands on her daughters head, she felt a sort of power, like she was witnessing something marvelous. And there we are. It had a happy ending after all. This last Saturday, Jaime, the son, got baptized, and all the family came as well. Hopefully the parents will be following suit very quickly!


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