Wednesday, February 18, 2009

8 down, 8 to go.

Time goes too fast.

So, today marks the end of my Eighth change, and the start of the 9th. I've always been told that the second half of the mission goes by quickly, and avast, I feel like I'm still fresh from the MTC. Nevertheless, I feel like a new person, new mode of thinking, new stories/experiences, new hair style (or lack of hair!). All for the better though, of course.
This week was a week of ups and downs. Mostly downs, in the sense of that we taught very few lessons this week. Bummer. But whatever. We got a lot of service done, and we're hoping for results on a King Limhi level. Dream big. That's something that I've developed on the mission. The ability to dream. Not to say that I Daydream a lot, but I do dream up random goals and plans on how to do them. Without dreams, or as the scriptures call it, Hope, we don't have anything to shoot for. I've been studying a lot about Christlike Attributes, especially Charity and Patiente (two things that have been running short around here). Hope gives us the motivation to improve ourselves... our efforts; having the hope of a better world. I have hope that if we keep working, fighting, struggling despite all the challenges, trials, and jerk people who were tragically born without common decency or manners, God will bless us. Seems to be the theme of my mission right now, at any rate. Doubt and Faith can not be part of the same person! But I ramble. I'm doin' fine folks. My comp is good, he's a stud. There's a reason we're sent out in Twos, because if I had to do this whole thing alone (not including the spirit), I would've packed my bags long ago. I can only imagine the support and help that Husbands and Wives have for each other. Blah, I'm rambling again. Well, have a good one family, I'll be writin' yalls same time next week. ¡Ciao Pescao!


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