Monday, April 13, 2009

La Semana Santa

Hi all! ¿Qué hay arriba?

Hey! It's that special time of week again when the family gets together and reads another letter from dear Elder Horspool. Isn't that exciting?? Well, here's the latest updates.

- We found a sweet investigator! Her name is Claudia and she's a good woman, a single mother, fighting the good fight. We set her up with a Fellowshipper right off the bat. Very promising.

- Leonel Luttra, an investigator for 20 years, is still progressing slowly, because he has Alhzheimers!

- I decided to take some pictures! I'll ring em up for yalls. Actually, I'll mail them to Heather, and she can forward em all. She's a good sport like that.

Easter was rockin, we talked to a ton of catholics about their fun little dances and parties they throw. It was pretty cool. There were a ton of drunks, and some people fasting. We got the extremes on both ends! All in all, Catholics are some good people. A lot of em are looking for the Restored Gospel, but just don't know they are. Hah, Irony?


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