Monday, April 27, 2009

el Sabát

Hi everyone!

Hey! What's going on! Everything is just fine and dandy over here in Chile. It's just now starting to get cold, and I'm very much so looking forward to Fall / Winter weather. Well now, let's take a gander at this last week...

So we got a new investigator the week before, who is the uncle of a recent convert. He's a Seventh Day Adventist. We swung a deal with him that we'd go to his church in exchange for going to ours. Naturally, Saturday comes before Sunday, so we went first.

It was weird. When we walked in, we got a lot of weird looks. There was a door-man who greeted us, then asked us why we were there. "We were invited," I say to him. So he lets us in, we find our investigator who seemed half-disbelieving that we actually came. The Pastors gave us a pretty warm welcome, which was nice. They announced that we were visiting over the pulpit, and everyone in the congregation turned around and waved at us (we were in the back corner). The sermon included about 10 hymns, and several prayers, and a nice hour long talk on how God loves everyone. What caught my attention was that they collected Tithing publicly, and then the 3 pastors knelt around it and prayed to consecrate it (I think?). As we left, they asked us what we thought of the Preaching. We were lavish in our praise, don't worry. Well, Rodrigo (the investigator) did in fact come to Church the following day. He showed up late, but he was there in time for a talk about the Sabbath Day. He enjoyed it thoroughly and said at the end, "I guess it doesn't matter what day you do it on, as long as you do it correctly!" It's a start.

Well that's my story for the week. Oh! the mission and the joy it brings.


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