Monday, April 6, 2009

Round 3, Go!

Hey! I'm still here!

Allright, I get to stay again over here in Villa Norte, Villa Alemana Oeste. Well, the trainee didn't get to stay. He got shipped out of town, however, I got a huge shock when they announced my change... I was going to be in a Trio! Ah, the madness! 2 companions! Well, after 2 days of working in a Trio, the Zone Leaders called us up and said that Elder Purnell (of Boise Idaho) was leaving to a different city. So my new comp is:

Elder Pasterfield, of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Whoah, another Canadian companion. What's more, word on the Mormon streets says that our new mission president is a Canadian, but what do I know. Everyone is pretty amused that there's a Horspool and a Pasterfield together.

So this week was pretty interesting. We found some people, taught some people, and had the grand opportunity to attend all 5 sessions of general conference. It was the best. It's pretty interesting to see how people are prepared to receive a certain missionary. Example: We were doing contacts the other day, and a woman allowed us to teach her because Elder Pasterfield looks a lot like her son (a lot like her son!). I'd be willing to bet I'd talked to the exact woman three times before. It's incredible. That's why we always need to constantly be talking to everyone, even if we've already talked to them before, because you never know who is prepared to meet YOU. Well, conference gave me a lil' Ánimo boost, and I'm rippin', roarin', and ready to roll.


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