Monday, May 18, 2009

The Acorn Tree

New changes are in.

Hey everyone! How's it going? I'm just fine, dandy, rippin' roarin' and ready to roll. So the day of judgment came, and I got booted out of where I was at. I'm now in the next town over, in:

Ward: Aldebarán
Stake: El Belloto
City: Quilpué

And my new comp is: Elder Cook, from Lake Point, UT. It's some lil' Suburb near Salt Lake. Fun, huh! Elder Cook has 20 months in the mission, so he's just about to ship out! Don't worry though, he's not trunky.

Well, thing's are going good in the new place. We happened to find some great people in the first week! God has a way of putting people who are prepared in the path of of the missionaries. We were walking down the street when a gal stopped us and told us to come by her house to teach her. We did, and it turns out that she had gone to church in a different ward the week before, and they told her to find the missionaries nearest to her. And we happened by her apartment in the exact moment she was leaving. She came to church again yesterday, and she's doing great! Carol is her name.

That about does it for now. I'm doing good, I'm leaking a little bit from the nose, but that's OK I feel like Liver and Onions. I know that God directs the missionary force, and that his Angels prepare the people to receive us. Read your scriptures, Say your prayers, and magnify callings!


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