Monday, May 25, 2009

A tale of Interest

Conversion story!

Hi everyone! How is everything going??? I'm doing awesomely here in El Belloto. My comp is cool, the weather is finally starting to catch up to where it should be (it was hot! now it's cold), and there's lots of work to do.

So this week a really sweet gal named Kati got baptized. She was found by the other Elders before I came in, Elder Cook and Elder Meyers, as they were knocking on apartment doors. Her son is the first counselor in the Stake Presidency of ViƱa Del Mar, and all her family members are members of the church. They hadn't placed any pressure on her to be baptized, as she had tried before but couldn't ever stop smoking. When the Elders found her, she was "angry at God" because he had "taken" her youngest granddaughter. The granddaughter died of cancer at the age of 3. Anywho, when the Elders got in to her house, she was angry. They invited her to pray. At the second visit, she was no longer angry, but was rather happy. At the fourth visit, by her own will, she had stopped smoking a pack a day. She went from 20 a day to 0. By the time I showed up, she was practically a member. Her son, Ronald, baptized her and confirmed her. Immediately after her baptism, he hugged her and showered her with a bunch of kisses, right there in the water. It was quite adorable. She's 67 years old, and her son is about 40ish. She brought a friend to her baptism, a 32 year old man, who also wants to receive missionary lessons. Wow, now that's a convert, eh? Well, the Book of Mormon has a certain Power to it. It brings the Spirit, which converts the hearts of man to God, and makes them new creatures. Kati truly knows what it means to study the scriptures. She takes around 2 hours each day studying the Book of Mormon. First she reads a chapter, then she rereads it, and writes a summary of the things she's learned. She has better study habits than I do!

Well, thought I'd share that with ya. Hope you all enjoyed it! Keep workin hard, share your testimonies with those around you, and always let the Spirit be your guide!


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