Monday, May 11, 2009

The Sprouting Seed

Happy Mother's Day!

Hi everyone! Happy Mother's Day to all whom I didn't have the opportunity to talk to, and an extra one to those who I did. I hope it was a fun day for all.

This week was pretty fun. And hard at the same time. There were a bunch of investigators that came to church. 3 families! Let's see how this could have happened:

So on Friday, the Villa Norte ward decided to toss a Mother's Day activity together. It included skits, karaoke (spelling!) and electric guitar (there's a lot of talent in this ward!). Naturally, we decided to take advantage of this opportunity and invite all we could. And a bunch of people came! There were some odd 15 non-members at the activity, 9 of which came to church on Sunday. Plus others. It was amazing. This has been an extremely hard Transfer (6 weeks) for getting people to church, and all of a sudden, we are blessed with more success then we've had in months. Just have to press forward with faith.

Another lesson I've learned this week, is the importance of not being controlling. We have an investigator, named Elizabeth, who has an extremely controlling (and Catholic) husband. He won't let her get baptized, and won't talk to us at all. The only redeeming factor on the man is that he's letting us teach her (but only when he's not home). It makes me sad to see someone deprive eternal blessings and even salvation from another, but that's why there's fasting and prayer. If the sons of Mosiah could work a mighty change in the hearts of the lamanites, why shouldn't we be able to do it? I've always been pretty good about not being a very controlling companion over my Junior Companion. I recall President Hinkley mentioning something about his marriage before, about how he always supported and encouraged the righteous decisions of his wife. Hmm... That's a good quality. Allowing the other person to be themselves, and encourage them to better themselves through Christ. But I ramble.


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