Monday, June 1, 2009

A bundle of sticks.

Big Fun in Little Belloto

Hi everyone! How ya doin'! I'm absolutely great. It's warming up again, which is awesome. Everyone is still freaking out because there has been no rain yet, and we have a couple of weeks 'till Winter. The missionaries aren't really complaining. I forget if I mentioned it before, but the teacher's strike continues here in Chile. All the hooligans are running around all uneducated like, but they enjoy it. The strike is over a bonus that the teachers haven't received (equivalent to about 6000 dollars), and they refuse to teach until they receive it. My old Bishop told me that they weren't going to receive it, because it was a BONUS that they were going to receive IF they met certain standards, which they haven't. Well, I guess that's how life goes some times.

So this week we got a new investigator. He's súper. His name is Cristian. Cristian came to the baptism of Kati the week before, and enjoyed it so much, that he asked us to visit him in his house. One minor detail. He's openly homosexual (and Argentine! [from Mendoza]). It was actually the first thing that he told us after sitting down in his apartment. It wasn't that awkward though, so I guess I'm maturing. He told us that he's willing to give up homosexuality, smoking, and drinking because he was so impressed with the changes in Kati's life. He wants to be part of "a" church. Now we just have to show him that it's not just "a" church but THE Church. Well, that's what we do. Sometimes the Lord prepares the most unlikely of people. But there we go. We'll see if his words are sincere.


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