Monday, June 22, 2009

Spiritually pumped up!

Rippin, roarin, ready to roll.

Hello there kinsfolk, how's life? I'm doing just fine and dandy. Life is good, the work is good, and the mission is good. This week we got our changes a little bit early, but don't worry, there's absolutly no change. Elder Cook and I are staying here in Aldebarán. Fun fun. Another 6 weeks of awesome.

So this week we had our conference with Elder Oaks. It was a blast. The initial plan was to take individual pictures with him, but due to lack of time, we just took one with the whole mission together. It was spectacular. He talked a lot about his personal studies, and a little about tithing. Something he said we could ilustrate is the following formula:

90% income + blessings > 100% income

Neat, huh? Sorry ma, I didn't have the chance to tell him that I'm Blanchard Dixon's grandson. In fact, we didn't get to shake his hand. Due to the whole Human Influenza thing going down, all we got was a friendly elbow bump. Also fun. He was getting really into it. It's so amazing to see how happy the gospel makes people. He's so humble too... We all stood up when he entered the room, and he said, "Now, when you all stood up for me when I came in, you stood up out of respect for my mantle, and not for me. I understand that." Wow! What humility! It was a pretty powerful presence. His wife is adorable.

As far as the work is concerned, we found ourselves a less active family with unbaptized childrens! woo! And they're so excited to come back to church. They all came to church yesterday (except 1 son who had his last game of soccer). Turns out the dad used to be part of a bishopric, which I think makes him a High Priest, but I'm not sure. Back in the day I used to think that the missionaries were wrong in baptizing everything that moved. Some 15-20 years ago, Viña Del Mar was the highest baptizing mission in the world, and like 70% of all those are inactive. However, most of our work now is reactivation / completing families. It's funny to see how the Lord knows things end from beginning. Most of these people would not be receptive to the gospel if they weren't baptized before. Well, let's do it!

Keep up the good work people. Love ya lots. Peace.

Elder Horspool

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